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ProxyHostname property

Specifies the hostname of the proxy to use.


A String value


  • Basic
object.ProxyHostname [= value]  
The ProxyHostname(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnel.
valueA String value.


When the wodTunnel client is unable to establish a direct connection (for example, if it is not connected directly to the internet), the proxy option can be used. There are several types of proxies supported by the wodTunnel control. When any proxy is used, this property specifies the hostname for the remote proxy. Be careful not to confuse this property with the Hostname property, which is entirely different.

When a connection to a proxy is established, wodTunnel will issue a request to the proxy to open a remote connection to the hostname specified by the ProxyHostname property.

For example,
wodTunnel1.ProxyType = ProxyWEBStandard
wodTunnel1.ProxyHostname = ""
wodTunnel1.ProxyPort = 80
wodTunnel1.Connect ""

would connect to WeOnlyDo's WEB server, but through the proxy ''.