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Constant values that describe channel type.


When type = LocalListen then 'port forwarding' is initiated between wodSSHTunnel and the SSH server. (wodSSHTunnel listens to local sockets and forwards requests to the SSH server)

When type = RemoteListen then 'remote port forwarding' is initiated between the SSH server and wodSSHTunnel. (the SSH server listens to its sockets and forwards requests to wodSSHTunnel)

When type = SocksProxy then wodSSHTunnel dynamically opens ports and allows virtually any host/port to be connected. Unlike the static tunnels defined with LocalListen and RemoteListen values, this setting forwards connections as requested by the application. The only requirement is that the applications can support SOCKS4(a)/SOCKS5 proxy servers.

Constant Value Description
LocalListen0 Local forwarding.
RemoteListen 1 Remote forwarding.
SocksProxy 2 Dynamic socks proxy forwarding.