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LoginChallenge method

Called when the remote server provides public key fingerprint information.




  • Basic
object.LoginChallenge      Owner, Challenge, Response
The LoginChallenge(object,Owner,Challenge,Response) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnelNotify.
OwnerA wodTunnel object.
ChallengeA String value. Holds the challenge text sent by the server.
ResponseA String value. Should be set to the response to the server's challenge. Usually this is your password.


This method is called only if you have implemented the IwodSSHTunnelNotify interface in your application and the wodTunnel1.Notification property has received a reference to an instance of your implementation.

This notification method will be fired for the SSH2 protocol only. It gives you the ability to authenticate with the server using the "interactive" session. The server will send a challenge string, you must reply with the correct responses to successfully authenticate.

A typical scenario is where the server sends the challenge "user's password:" and you have to provide your password in the Response argument. However, the server may require different forms of authentication, such as various tokens, security devices etc.. Recently, many servers have removed "password" authentication completely, allowing only "keyboard-interactive" authentication to be used.

You should print the Challenge on the screen and ask for a Response when this notification method is called.

If you don't use this notification method, but the server still requires this type of authentication, the server will use the value from the Password property - line by line for each challenge that the server sends. As there is usually only one challenge, you will be able to login without using this event.

"keyboard-interactive" is used when the Authentication property is set to authKeyboardInteractive of authPassword.