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StateChange event

Fires when wodFtpDLX changes its state.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_StateChange(OldState)
The StateChange(object,OldState) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodFtpDLX object.
OldStateA StatesEnum enumeration, as described in settings. Represents previous state.



The settings for OldState are:

Constant Value Description
 Disconnected 0 Disconnected from server.
 Connecting 1 Connecting to server.
 Encrypting 2 Initializing secure connection.
 LogonInProgress 3 Sending authentication data.
 Connected 4 Connected to server - idle.
 GettingDataChannel 5 Getting data channel.
 ConnectingDataChannel 6 Connecting data channel.
 ChangingDirectory 7 Changing current directory.
 CheckRemoteSize 8 Checking remote file size.
 SettingRestPosition 9 Setting restart position.
 MakingDirectory 10 Creating directory on the server.
 RemovingFile 11 Removing file or directory.
 RenamingFile 12 Renaming file on the server.
 SettingTransferMode 13 Setting transfer mode.
 ListingDirectory 14 Downloading directory list from the server.
 Receiving 15 Receiving data from server.
 Sending 16 Sending data to server.
 Executing 17 Executing command on server.
 ProxyConnecting 18 Trying to establish connection on proxy server.
 Disconnecting 19 Disconnecting from the server.
 SettingDataChannel 20 Setting data channel security.
 ClearingCommandChannel 21 Clearing command channel security.
 SettingCompression 22 Setting compression level.
 CalculatingRemoteCRC 23 Calculating remote CRC.
 CheckRemoteDir 24 Checking if directory exists.
 GettingAttributes 25 Checking file or folder attributes.
 SettingAttributes 26 Setting file or folder attributes.

StateChange event is fired each time wodFtpDLX internal state changes. Initially, it is set to Disconnected. Once you initiate new connection, it will change to Connecting, etc..

Using this event you can see if there is something happening with wodFtpDLX, or it is idle and waiting for your commands.

You can determine current state using State property.