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GetAttributes method

Retrieves file or folder attributes.


A Long value


  • Basic
object.GetAttributes[RemotePath], [FollowSymLink]
The GetAttributes(object,RemotePath,FollowSymLink) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFtpDLX.
RemotePathOptional. A Variant value. Full path to a directory on the server.
FollowSymLinkOptional. A Boolean value. Specifies if symbolic links should be followed.


The GetAttributes method will retrieve information about a file or directory on the remote server. Once these attributes are returned by the server, the Attributes event is fired containing parsed information.

This method will provide you with information about (in SFTP protocol only!):

Size as long
Uid as long
Gid as long
Permissions as long
AccessTime as Date
ModificationTime as Date

The value for Permissions is defined by the POSIX standard, which is briefly described below:

- you should represent them in octal (base 8) to make parsing them easier Permissions AND 777 (octal) will give you read/write/execute permissions for owner, group and others. To be more precise, 1 indicates execute permission, 2 indicates write permission, 4 indicates read permission. For example, if file Permission AND 777 (octal) gives 754, this is represented on the server as -rwxr-xr-- which means: the owner can read/write/execute, the group can read/execute, and others can only read.

To determine if an attribute belongs to directory, test for Permissions AND 40000 (octal). To determine if an attribute belongs to a symbolic link, test for Permissions AND 120000 (octal).

WARNING: in protocols other than SFTP this method will return only limited subset of available attributes. Since there is no common way to retrieve all of them, only Size and ModificationTime are provided. Other values will hold -1 value. FollowSymLink is ignored in those protocols. We are open for any ideas to extend these protocols so they support full subset - as in SFTP protocol.