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IwodFtpNotify object

IwodFtpNotify Interface

AttributesCalled when wodFtpDLX retrieves file or directory attributes.
Attributes64Called when wodFtpDLX retrieves file or directory attributes.
BannerCalled when remote server provides banner text.
ClientCertRequiredCalled when server requires client certificate.
ConnectedCalled when wodFtpDLX connects to remote server.
CryptoInformationCalled with details on selected encryption protocols.
DisconnectedCalled when wodFtpDLX disconnects from server.
DoneCalled when wodFtpDLX finishes some method.
FileTransferDataCalled during file transfer, allowing you to alter file contents.
FTPReplyCalled when wodFtpDLX provides information about executed command and returned reply.
HostCertificateCalled when remote server provides its certificate.
HostFingerprintCalled when remote server provides public key fingerprint information.
ListItemsCalled when server returns information about file or directory.
LoginChallengeCalled when the server requests the response to a login challenge.
LoopErrorCalled after wodFtpDLX performs operation on item and error occurs.
LoopItemCalled before wodFtpDLX performs operation on file from the GetFiles/PutFiles/DeleteFiles/LoopFiles sequence.
PreTranslateCommandCalled before the command is sent to FTP server.
PreTranslateReplyCalled before wodFtpDLX evaluates received reply from the server.
ProgressCalled during file sending or receiving.
Progress64Called during file sending or receiving.
SiteReplyCalled with result of SITE command.
StateChangeCalled when wodFtpDLX changes its state.


IwodFtpNotify interface is a fast notifications interface you should implement in your application if you want it to "take over" events. When implemented, and wodFtpDLX.Notification property is set to the instance of object that implements this interface, wodFtpDLX will call above methods instead of firing it's events. As you can see - each event has corresponding notification method (callback).