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ActionMakeDir event

Fires when user selects MakeDir from the context menu.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_ActionMakeDir(DefaultName, Allow)
The ActionMakeDir(object,DefaultName,Allow) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodFtpDLX object.
DefaultNameA String value. Represent new name to be used for the folder, before user chooses appropriate name
AllowA Boolean value. When set to False then action is ignored.


Available only in ActiveX (GUI) version!

This event is fired when user selects 'New Folder' from the context menus. In that case, you should change value of DefaultName argument and supply new name for the folder that is about to be created. For this purpose, you can, for example, show dialog box and ask user for new name.

If you don't want to allow new folders to be created, then set Allow property to False.