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SmartGet property

Determines if wodFtpDLX should try to determine remote filename on GetFile command.


A Boolean value


  • Basic
object.SmartGet[= value]
The SmartGet(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFtpDLX.
valueA Boolean value. When set to True wodFtpDLX tests for RemotePath existance (default value).


wodFtpDLX tries to be smart when you call GetFile method. It tries to determine which filename are you trying to download, and where it should be put. It will query remote server if supplied RemotePath in GetFile call is a directory or a file, in order to determine what to download. This is a nice thing - it allows you specify whatever you wish in LocalPath and RemotePath arguments, but usually causes wodFtpDLX to send one additional CWD before download file from the server. Some administrators and users prefer not to see that command in logs.

In such cases you can set SmartGet to False, in which case wodFtpDLX will assume you have spcified full path (including file names) in both LocalPath and RemotePath arguments in GetFile call. If you specify only folder(s), GetFile will fail.