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ClearCommandChannel method

Switches to insecure command channel in FTPS protocol.




  • Basic
The ClearCommandChannel(object) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFtpDLX.


ClearCommandChannel method will send CCC command to the server, asking it to abandon secured (SSL) mode and to continue accepting commands over insecure channel. Data channel will remain intact - if FTPSwithdata protocol was selected then data channel will still be secured. This command only is available in FTPS (FTP+SSL) protocols, and it depends on the server if it will accept it or not. Done event will be fired as a result of this command.

ClearCommandChannel is typically used when SSL security is needed only during authentication process. As soon as FTP client is Connected with the server, you can call this method to switch to insecure (plaintext) commands so sessions can be debugged, etc. This helps some routers to act like proxies for data connection (they wouldn't be able to do it in SSL mode).