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Type property

Holds item type.


A DirItemTypes enumeration


  • Basic
object.Type [= value]
The Type(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type DirItem.
valueA DirItemTypes enumeration, as described in settings.



The settings for value are:

Constant Value Description
typeDirectory0 Item is directory.
typeSymlink 1 Item is symbolic link.
typeFile2 Item is file.
typeTemporary 3 Item is temporary file/folder.
typeUnknown4 Unknown item.

This property will return type of the item, as defined by the server. Typically, it will be either a Directory or a file. However, UNIX OS does support others too, such as Symbolic Links, temporary files, etc...

Note that wodFtpDLX cannot determine if symbolic links points to some folder, or to file, therefore it will be marked with separate icon. If user clicks on it, you should decide whether you will try to open it or not.

Just a reminder - you must call ListDir to get directory listing, and then access files through Ftp.DirItems property in order for this property to be available!