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LocalCRC method

Calculates integrity check of local file.


A String value. Returns calculated value.


  • Basic
object.LocalCRC Type, LocalPath, [FileStart], [FileLength]
The LocalCRC(object,Type,LocalPath,FileStart,FileLength) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFtpDLX.
TypeA IntegrityCheckEnum enumeration. Determines type of integrity check algorithm used.
LocalPathA String value. Holds full path to a file on local system.
FileStartOptional. A Variant value. Integer value that represents starting position in the file for calculating CRC.
FileLengthOptional. A Variant value. Integer value that represents length of data in the file where CRC is calculated.


LocalCRC method will calculate checksum of local file using any of supported algorithms (CRC, MD5...). For CRC it will be a long value represented in HEX characters (such as ABCDEF01), for MD5 hash it will be 16 HEX numbers (meaning 32 ASCII chars as its readable representation), and for SHA1 it will be 20 HEX numbers. Please note that not many servers support these functions. CRC is most widely supported, so you should use that method if you're unsure how good remote FTP server is.