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wodFtpDLX object

wodFtpDLX Class

AbortAborts current method.
AboutDisplays about box.
AppendDataDisplays about box.
AppendFileAppends to file on the server.
AppendFileFromAppends to file on the server, starting from specified local position.
CheckDirChecks if remote dir exists.
ClearCommandChannelSwitches to insecure command channel in FTPS protocol.
ConnectConnects to remote server.
DeleteFileDeletes file on the server.
DeleteFilesDelete multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
DisconnectDisconnects from remote server.
GetAttributesRetrieves file or folder attributes.
GetDataRetrieves contents of remote file to string variable.
GetDateRetrieves file or folder date.
GetFileRetrieves file or folder date.
GetFileAtReceives a file from the server, starting at given position.
GetFileAt64Receives a file from the server, starting at given position.
GetFilesDownloads multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
GetSizeRetrieves file or folder size.
ListDirLists contents of a directory on the server.
ListNamesLists names in the directory on the server.
LocalCRCCalculates integrity check of local file.
LoopFilesLoops through multiple files in a sequence, recursive, giving their names.
MakeDirCreates directory on the server.
PutDataStores data from string variable to remote file.
PutFileSends file to the server.
PutFileAtSends a file to the server, appending it at given position.
PutFileAt64Sends a file to the server, appending it at given position.
PutFilesUploads multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
RawReceivedPuts raw data to incoming queue as it was received from the server.
RawSendSends raw data to the server.
RefreshRefresh wodFtpDLX window.
RemoteCRCRequests integrity check of remote file.
RemoveDirRemoves directory from the server.
RenameRenames file or directory on the server.
SetAttributesSets attributes for a file or folder.
SetAttributes64Sets attributes for a file or folder
SiteExecutes SITE command on the server.
AccountDetermines account name to be used on the server.
ArrangeArranges icons inside FtpDLX view.
AscIITranslationDetermines type of ASCII transfer mode translation.
AuthenticationDetermines which authentication type is used.
BackColorDetermines the background color of the wodFtpDLX.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
BorderVisibleReturns or sets whether the control is displayed with a border.
BufferSizeDetermines size of incoming and outgoing buffers.
CertificateHolds local certificate to be used for authentication.
ClientNameDetermines client name that will be used with server.
ColumnCountDetermines client name that will be used with server.
ColumnHeaderDetermines column header name.
ColumnsSet visible columns inside FtpDLX control.
ColumnWidthDetermines width of a specified column.
CompressionDetermines level of compression used.
ContextMenuDetermines context menu that are shown.
DirFormatExpected directory format.
DirItemsReturns collection of directory items
EnabledReturns or sets a value that determines whether a form or control can respond to user-generated events.
EncryptionDetermines encryption algorithm to be used.
EncryptionListDetermines list of encryption algorithms in SFTP protocol supported and offered by wodFtpDLX.
ErrorTextReturns string representation of the error.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
ForeColorReturns or sets the foreground color used to display text and graphics in an object.
HMacListDetermines list of digest algorithms in SFTP protocol supported and offered by wodFtpDLX.
HostnameDetermines Hostname of remote server.
IconViewReturns/sets the current view of the FtpDLX control.
ItemSkipMarks current item in LoopItem event to be skipped.
KeepAliveDefines if NOOP commands are sent on control channel during file transfer.
LastErrorReturns last error that occured.
ListItemHolds value of last ListItems event
ListParamsHolds additional parameters for LIST command.
LocalCertBagSpecifies file with additional certificates.
LocalPathHolds name of local path used for transferring.
LoginDetermines username/login to be used with server.
MaxDataPortSpecifies highest port that can be used for incoming data connections.
MaxTransferRateDetermines maximum upload/download speed.
MinDataPortSpecifies lowest port that can be used for incoming data connections.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PassiveDetermines if file transfer is passive.
PasswordDetermines password to be used with server.
PasvPortDetermines outgoing port to be used with Passive data connection.
PortDetermines port on remote server where wodFtpDLX will connect.
ProtocolDetermines protocol used for connection.
ProxyHostnameSpecifies the hostname of proxy to use.
ProxyLoginSpecifies the login/username to use when connecting to proxy server.
ProxyPasswordSpecifies the password to use when connecting to proxy server.
ProxyPortSpecifies the port to use for proxy server.
ProxyTypeSpecifies the type of proxy to use.
RemotePathHolds name of path on the server used for transferring.
ResumeDetermines if wodFtpDLX will resume file transfer.
SecureMethodDetermines secure method used for FTPS.
ShellIconsDetermines if items are visible with shell assigned icons.
SmartGetDetermines if wodFtpDLX should try to determine remote filename on GetFile command.
SmartPutDetermines if wodFtpDLX should try to determine remote filename on PutFile command.
SortItemsSorts items in specific order.
SSLCipherListDetermines list of encryption algorithms in FTPS protocol supported and offered by wodFtpDLX.
StateHolds current state information.
StateTextProvides string expression of a state.
StrictHostDetermines if secondary FTP connection is restricted to same host as primary.
TabStopReturns or sets a value indicating whether a user can use the TAB key to give the focus to an object.
TagTag for misc usage.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
TimezoneDetermines if dates are shown in Local or UTC time zone
TransferModeDetermines if transfers are Binary or AscII.
TransferRateReturns average speed of the file transfer.
TransferTimeTime needed to transfer current or previous file.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 addresses are allowed.
UTF8EncodingDetermines is UTF8 conversion is used.
VersionHolds version information.
ActionCopyFires when user selects copy from the context menu.
ActionDeleteFires when user selects delete from the context menu.
ActionDownloadFires when user selects to download from the context menu.
ActionMakeDirFires when user selects MakeDir from the context menu.
ActionNewFileFires when user selects NewFile from the context menu.
ActionPasteFires when user selects paste from the context menu.
ActionPropertiesFires when user wants to view properties for the item.
ActionRenameFires when user selects rename from the context menu.
ActionSelectFires when user selects specific item.
AfterViewChangeFires after wodFtpDLX view is changed.
AttributesFires when wodFtpDLX retrieves file or directory attributes.
Attributes64Fires when wodFtpDLX retrieves file or directory attributes.
BannerFires when remote server provides banner text.
BeforeViewChangeFires before wodFtpDLX view is about to change.
ClickFires when use clicks on wodFtpDLX view.
ClientCertRequiredFires when server requires client certificate.
ConnectedFires when wodFtpDLX connects to remote server.
CryptoInformationFires with details on selected encryption protocols.
DblClickFires when user double clicks on some item.
DisconnectedFires when wodFtpDLX disconnects from server.
DoneFires when wodFtpDLX finishes some method.
FileTransferDataFires during file transfer, allowing you to alter file contents.
FocusFires when user selects the item.
FTPReplyFires when wodFtpDLX provides information about executed command and returned reply.
HostCertificateFires when remote server provides its certificate.
HostFingerprintFires when remote server provides public key fingerprint information.
KeyPressFires when key was pressed.
ListItemsFires when server returns information about file or directory.
LoginChallengeFires when the server requests the response to a login challenge.
LoopErrorFires when the server requests the response to a login challenge.
LoopItemFires before wodFtpDLX performs operation on file from the GetFiles/PutFiles/DeleteFiles/LoopFiles sequence.
MenuClickFires when user right-clicks on a menu item.
PreTranslateCommandFires before the command is sent to FTP server.
PreTranslateReplyFires before wodFtpDLX evaluates received reply from the server.
ProgressFires during file sending or receiving.
Progress64Fires during file sending or receiving.
ShowContextMenuFires before user opens context menu.
SiteReplyFires with result of SITE command.
StateChangeFires when wodFtpDLX changes its state.