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TransferStatus event

Fires just before transfer finishes, allowing you to return error to the client.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_TransferStatus(User, Action)
The TransferStatus(object,User,Action) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFTPD.
UserA FtpUser object. Reference to user who is performing file transfer.
ActionA FtpActions enumeration, as described in settings. When set to Deny/SilentDeny, wodFTPServer denies this action.


TransferStatus event is fired just before client's file transfer finishes. At this point you can do local check of uploaded/download file, and decide to return failure for the file transfer. Typically, after file upload, you may want to execute local tests against uploaded file, and notify client immediately about invalid upload. You can do that by setting Action property Deny. Default value is Allow.

Note in SFTP protocol client will most likely ignore Deny value being returned, and will declare file upload/download as success. This is because most clients ignore error being returned on CLOSE request.

If you use SilentAllow/SilentDeny, in FTP(S) protocol(s), then wodFTPServer will not return any information back to the client, so you should use User.Send method with your own response.

The settings for Action are
Constant Value Description
Deny0 Deny execution of the action.
Allow 1 Allow to execute action.
SilentDeny2 Silently deny execution of the action.
SilentAllow 3 Silently allow to execute action.