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FilesUpload property

Holds total number of files user uploaded.


A Long value.


  • Basic
object.FilesUpload [= value]
The FilesUpload(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type FtpUser.
valueA Long value.


FilesUpload property holds total number of files user successfully uploaded in this session - as soon as he reconnects, this property will be reset.

This property is increased just before TransferComplete event is fired, and only if file transfer is successful. If you want it to be increased also when transfer is unsuccessful, you can do something like this from inside TransferComplete event:
Private Sub FtpD_TransferComplete(ByVal User As wodFTPDComLib.IFtpUser, ByVal Successful As Boolean)
     If Not Successful Then
            If User.State = Downloading Then User.FilesDownload = User.FilesDownload + 1
            If User.State = Uploading Then User.FilesUpload = User.FilesUpload + 1
     End If
End Sub