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Encryption property

Determines encryption algorithm to be used.


An EncryptionsEnum enumeration.


  • Basic
object.Encryption [= value]
The Encryption(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodFTPD.
valueAn EncryptionsEnum enumeration, as described in settings.


When set to anything else than encAny, during negotiation of secure connection between the client and wodFTPServer, server will allow only specified encryption algorithm to be used for encrypted data transmission. If this property is set to encAny (it is by default), any known (both by wodFTPServer and the client) encryption may be used.

Additional encryption methods can be added to wodFTPServer on your request. If it is needed, feel free to send feedback go .

The settings for value are:
Constant Value Description
encAny0 Anything suitable, selected by wodFtpDLX component.
encDES 1 DES encryption
enc3DES2 3DES encryption
encAES 3 AES encryption
encBLOWFISH4 BLOWFISH encryption.
encAES128 5 AES 128bit encryption
encAES1926 AES 192bit encryption
encAES256 7 AES 256bit encryption
encDH10 DH encryption
encADH 11 ADH encryption
encRC212 RC2 encryption
encRC4 13 RC4 encryption
encIDEA14 IDEA encryption

Warning: changing this property internally changes EncryptionList property also!