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wodFTPD object

Main wodFTPServer engine object.

AboutDisplays About box.
StartStarts accepting incoming connections.
StateTextProvides string expression of a state.
StopStops the server and kills all connections.
AuthenticationDetermines allowed/required authentication types.
BindIPHolds IP address used for listening.
BindIPTypeDetermines when component binds interface.
CertificateHolds private certificate/private key information.
DirFormatDefines directory format sent to the client.
EncryptionDetermines encryption algorithm to be used.
EncryptionListDetermines list of encryption algorithms in SFTP protocol supported and offered by wodFTPServer.
FileLockingDetermine how will new users lock files during file transfer.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
ForceUTF8Determines if UTF8 conversion is forced.
GoodbyeMessageMessage sent to the client before he disconnects.
GreetingMessageMessage sent to the client upon connection.
HMacListDetermines list of HMAC algorithms in SFTP protocol supported and offered by wodFTPServer.
KeyExchangeListDetermines list of key exchange algorithms supported and offered by wodFTPServer.
MaxDataPortSpecifies highest port that can be used for incoming data connections.
MinDataPortSpecifies lowest port that can be used for incoming data connections.
MonitorTransfersDetermines if FileTransferData event is fired during file upload/download.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasvPortDetermines which outgoing port is used in PASV mode.
PortPort on local computer where FTPD listens for incoming connections.
ProtocolDetermines which protocol is used.
SecureDetermines which variation of SSL protocol is used.
ServerNameHolds identification for SFTP protocol.
SFTPVersionDetermines SFTP version number to report to clients.
StatusDetermines is server is active.
StrictDataIPDetermines if secondary (data) connection is restricted to same IP address as primary.
ThreadsDetermines if user's data connection is executed in separate thread.
TimeoutDetermines number of seconds before user is disconnected for inactivity.
UseIPv6Determines if wodFTPServer uses IPv6 protocol.
UsersHolds reference to collection of currently connected users.
VersionReturns version information.
VirtualFilesHolds global collection of virtual files.
VirtualFoldersHolds global collection of virtual folders.
ChangeDirFires when user wants to change directory.
CommandFires when user enters the command.
ConnectedFires when user connects using valid username.
ConnectingFires when user tries to connect to the server.
CryptoInformationFires before user established encrypted connection with the server.
DeleteFileFires when user wants to delete file.
DisconnectedFires when user leaves the server.
DownloadFileFires when user wants to download file.
FileTransferDataFires during file transfer, allowing you to alter file contents.
ListDirFires when user lists directory.
ListDirDataFires just before list items will be sent to the client.
LoginCertificateFires when user wants to authenticate to the server with public key.
LoginPasswordFires when user wants to authenticate to the server.
MakeDirFires when user wants to make directory.
ProgressFires during file transfer.
Progress64Fires during file transfer for large files.
RemoveDirFires when user wants to remove directory.
RenameFires when user wants to rename file or directory.
ResponseFires when wodFTPD sends some response.
SiteFires when user wants to execute site specific command.
StateChangedFires when user's state changes.
TransferCompleteFires when file transfer is complete.
TransferStatusFires just before transfer finishes, allowing you to return error to the client.
UploadFileFires when user wants to upload file.