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Re: Telnet and Visual Foxpro (General questions)

by jtrogdon, Tuesday, January 16, 2007, 15:57 (4415 days ago) @ woddrazen

I figured out something that half way works. I'm using this line:

lcLine = THISFORM.lcEsc+ [ +ALLTRIM(STR(y,2,0))+ ; +ALLTRIM(STR(x,2,0))+ H

Which is basically the ESC code for a VT100 terminal to move the cursor. The row portion works but I can't get the column portion to work.

As another question, I have placed the wodSSHServer on a form in MS Visual Foxpro. My problem is when multiple users connect they are using the same data environment. For example, if one user chooses a menu option to open a file and another separate user chooses the same menu option a few seconds later, an error will occur saying the file is already open. Now I know I can check to see if the file is already open first, but multiple users could move the record pointer around. Is there a way to spawn another wodSSHServer for each user that connects so each user will have their own separate data environment?

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