Security ActiveX components

Crypt ActiveX component

wodCrypt , version 2.2.5

Price $139.00 / Source code $289.00

wodCrypt ActiveX provides your Windows applications unbreakable encryption, digital signatures and message hash/digest calculation functionality. Its ease of use will allow you to use it almost immediately. The provided Blob object makes it suitable for almost any kind of data conversion.

SSH ActiveX component

wodSSH , version 3.1.6

Price $189.00 / Source code $349.00

wodSSH is a client component that provides support for communication with remote console-type services. Most commonly it will be used for communicating with Telnet based servers (running on UNIX OS), but it also allows you to carry out encrypted (and therefore secure) communications with SSH1 and SSH2 (secure-shell) servers, as well as any other non-encrypted server (such as SMTP or POP3). For those that don't know - the SSH transport layer is a secure low level transport protocol. It provides strong encryption, cryptographic host authentication, and integrity protection. If you are looking for "VB Expect" behavior (as on UNIX systems) - this is the product for you.

SFTP ActiveX component

wodSFTP , version 3.9.2

Price $199.00 / Source code $359.00

Component that provides implementation of SFTP (secure file transfer on SSH) protocol. Use it to transfer your file securely over encrypted network layer (using SSH2 protocol). SFTP is not just simple "FTP over SSH" wrapper - it is a newer protocol, supported by all SSH2 servers.

SSHServer ActiveX component

wodSSHServer , version 2.6.3

Price $229.00 / Source code $389.00

SSHServer component implements server side of SSH (and SFTP) protocol, as well as old TELNET protocol. It provides strong encryption of data, and authentication of users over insecure networks, such as Internet. wodSSHServer is an ActiveX component that will give you ability to easily add server capabilities to your application. Using it is really easy: Add it to your form (or create instance on the fly), use internal methods to generate pair of keys for the server (or import existing ones from other SSH servers) and start the server. From that moment, clients will be able to connect to your server, and do the following:
  • enter chat that you created for them,
  • start command prompt and execute commands inside (just as they would do it from the console window),
  • start some program of their choice
  • use internally provided SFTP (secure ftp) server, or
  • open port forwarding for other programs

SSHTunnel ActiveX component

wodSSHTunnel , version 1.9.9

Price $199.00 / Source code $359.00

Using wodSSHTunnel you can secure any TCP connection by tunnelling it (also known as port forwarding and remote port forwarding) through an SSH encrypted socket between you and a remote SSH server. It will allow you to create VPNs between you and your company's firewalled networks and also to send data over the Internet in encrypted form. You can create an unlimited number of channels with wodSSHTunnel and accept unlimited connections - it's up to you and your code!

SSHpackage - 4 in 1


Price $609.00 / Source code $1109.00

You need all-in-one solution for your SSH needs? You should decide to go with SSHpackage - you will get our wodSSH, wodSFTP, wodSSHServer and wodSSHTunnel for the special price. You need it with the source code? No problems - it's also included. Our components will help you make complete secure client-server solution with ease.

SFTPdll client API library

wodSFTPdll , version 3.9.2

Price $209.00 / Source code $389.00

wodSFTPdll is a client library that provides an implementation of the SFTP protocol (secure FTP over SSH). Use it to transfer your files securely over an encrypted network layer (using the SSH2 protocol). Unlike the popular ActiveX version of this control, this library is intended for VC programmers that dislike using ActiveX components in their applications. Both are based on the same code.