wodSmtp ActiveX component

Smtp ActiveX (SSL, S/MIME) client, SMTP component

Smtp client component for easy easily send messages using SMTP protocol directly to the server of the recipient. You can create messages from the scratch and set appropriate fields in the message, add attachments, add HTML and Plain parts etc. It also supports several one-line commands to create and send message at once. Now it supports SSL/TLS for secure transport, as well as S/MIME for message signatures and encryption.

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General information

wodSmtp is a Client ActiveX Component that is used to deliver email messages directly to the server of the recipient, using SMTP protocol. It automatically finds appropriate server where message should be delivered, or uses SmartHost through Hostname property.

It includes several one-line methods for sending entire email (including attachments). It can also load prepared messages (created with Outlook, Outlook Express or any other client), reformat it, change its properties, and send automatically.


Using wodSmtp you can easily get create new message and send it to destination SMTP server. wodSmtp will try all mail-exchanger hosts defined for the recipient, and will try to deliver as long as message isn't successfully delivered. If delivery fails (for whatever reason), you will be notified about it through events.

Messages can be sent just by using one line of code, with methods that are self-explanatory, such as:

Smtp1.SendTextHtmlAttachment "john@doe.com", "general@weonlydo.com", "This is a test", "Hi there!", "<HTML>Hi There!</HTML>", "c:\myattachment.zip"

but it can also be built from scratch by adding only elements you need - through From, To, Subject and additional properties that will inject information exactly where it should be in the message.

wodSmtp also have strong support for message creation and parsing - you will be able to access every aspect of the message directly from wodSmtp - without requirements for 3rd party libraries. This includes direct access to HTML and Plaintext parts, From and To fields, Subject etc..


  • Supports both blocking and non-blocking operations
  • Can Automatically deliver message directly to user's SMTP server
  • Supports SSL/TLS, using STARTTLS command or implicit connection
  • Productes SMIME digital signatures and message encryption
  • Has included DNS client to resolve addresses and domain names
  • Supports authentication with the server
  • Provides powerful set of properties that relate to messages - no need for external parsers or creators
  • Events for all major operations
  • Supports UNICODE in message headers
  • Supports attachments with BASE64, Binhex4, Quoted-Printable and UU encoding
  • Save and Load messages for multi-session usage
  • Royalty free licensing
  • Ease of use