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wodSmtp ActiveX Component and COM object

1.6.6 January 16, 2019
* Fix when Hostname had more than one line specifying host names, 
	and component did not reorder them before retrying

1.6.5 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

1.6.4 October 5, 2015
* MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands now don't send space after the command
	to comply with RFC 5321

1.6.3 March 19, 2014
* New property Charset define character set to use for text conversion.

1.6.2 June 9, 2012
* IPv6 support through new UseIPv6 property

1.6.1 June 4, 2012
* New method CheckEmailAddress to try delivery of the message
	to check existance of destination address

1.6.0 April 12, 2012
* Proxy support (Socks4, Socks4A, Socks5, ProxyWeb, Simple Relay)

1.5.4 February 10, 2012
* Support for creating DKIM signatures

1.5.3 February 16, 2011
* Fix in name of embedded images that sometimes prevented them from showing
* New methods AttachText i EmbedText that adds data directly from 
	provided string variable

1.5.2 February 16, 2010
* Fix in MX lookup when more than one hostname were found
	and component failed to split their names properly

1.5.1 January 26, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

1.5.0 December 1, 2009
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008

1.4.0 August 2, 2009
* CreateFromHTML and SendFromHTML now use utf-8 encoding when HTML
	data is attached

1.3.9 February 27, 2009
* Reset method now blocks properly when blocking mode is used

1.3.8 February 11, 2009
* STARTTLS will no longer be sent if server did not announce it as response
	to EHLO command and SecurityAllowed was selected
* Removed requirement for MSVCRT
* Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8j

1.3.7 June 17, 2008
* Fix in handling of badly positioned 'newline' characters

1.3.6 April 3, 2008
* Fix in DNS query response parsing, which causes wodSmtp to crash

1.3.5 February 29, 2008
* Fix in slow initialization when CreateSimple method is used (2-3 seconds freeze)

1.3.4 January 13, 2008
* Auto authentication is now supported. wodSmtp will try to determine which
	authentication method is supported by the server and use it

1.3.3 December 9, 2007
* Remove and RemoveAll methods added to SmtpMsgs collection (to be able to 
	remove parts of the message)

1.3.2 November 16, 2007
* MX records are now sorted by their preference (lowest first), both when wodSmtp
	attempts to deliver the message, and in DNSResponse event results

1.3.1 September 25, 2007
* Fix when client certificate was used, wodSmtp failed to provide one to the server
	even it was supplied through wodCertificate component

1.3.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

1.2.6 December 6, 2006
* Fix in AUTH PLAIN authentication

1.2.5 May 22, 2006
* EhloResponse event added
* Fix in EHLO command that was not sent after STARTTLS (if TLS was used)

1.2.4 April 2, 2006
* Support for NTLM (Secure Password Authentication) added

1.2.3 October 16, 2005
* Add CreateFromHtml and SendFromHtml methods that will take saved HTML
	file, and create outgoing message based on HTML template
	(similar to IE's "Send page by email" menu command)

1.2.2 March 7, 2005
* Fix in Message-ID header that was created with Send... methods, but
	sometimes was in invalid format - which caused your message
	to be rejected by the server

1.2.1 October 30, 2004
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 12, 2004
* MailFrom, MailTo and Hostname properties are now cleared before new
	message is sent (using CreateNew... and Send... methods) August 1, 2004
* Fix in email address parsing that takes care of mailformed addresses June 23, 2004
* Fix in CC header that was removed from the message (so it behaved
	like BCC was used instead) June 4, 2004
* Add Transcript property April 14, 2004
* Add support for adding embedded pictures that can be referenced 
	from HTML part of the message April 1, 2004
* Add 7bit encoding support for attachments
* Fix in Attach method that always returned 'Nothing' instead of 
	new message part March 28, 2004
* Add SSL/TLS support. Now you can deliver messages over encrypted SSL layer
* Add S/MIME support for digitial signatures and message encryption
* Add 'Certificate Management library' to be shipped with wodSmtp
* Improved DNS resolver library March 24, 2004
* MailTo property (if not specified) will now read multiple recipients from
	To:, CC: and Bcc: header fields March 10, 2004
* When you set Message.Body property, message is not parsed (unless
	message properties are accessed) at all. This is convinient for
	fast speed processing and delivery
* Fix when message body was sent on the server and line of the email
	contained dot as first character on the line - at specific
	cases server could interpret it as end of email message March 4, 2004
* Fix in Load method that parsed message body incorrectly, with too
	many CRLF sequences March 1, 2004
* Fix in Message.Date property which created RFC-822 invalid format
	(missing leading 0 when hour has only one digit) January 14, 2004
* Fix in blocking mode when error was not reported when bogus email
	address was entered, and component was unable to deliver the message January 11, 2004
* Fix in sending HELO/EHLO command. Now if EHLO fails wodSmtp tries
	HELO instead. December 23, 2003
* You can specify more than one recepient in MailTo property now, 
	one per row
* If MailTo is not set, wodSmtp will fill it with recepients from email,
	from 'To', 'CC' and 'Bcc' headers - one per row December 12, 2003
* Fix in internal resource information about the component
* Add new VB sample November 7, 2003
* Add RequestReceipt, Message.ReplyTo and Message.Priority properties October 14, 2003
* Fix in message creation when attachments were added September 30, 2003
* Initial Release