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Dirk Bulinckx, bvba Woodstone, creator of Servers Alive
You did a great job on wodSSH and wodSSHServer! It's very easy to use and still very flexible. Each time I had a problem (due to a bug or something I did wrong) you were quick in answering and fixes - and I really appreciate that. I got a lot for very little money. Thanks!

Andrew Ross, Director of Kiwi Enterprises
Thank you for the great customer service I received while debugging the Cisco SSH issues I experienced. It is refreshing to know that there is great support available for a great product. I am really impressed with the wodSSH ActiveX control. It is easy to use, very functional and great value for money. Keep up the great work!

Kenneth R. Robinette, CEO of InterSoft International, Inc.
The SFTP ocx is one of the finest pieces of programming I have seen. It worked out of the box, with no problems, and was 100% compatible with both OpenSSH and SSH Data Communications servers. The only thing we found better, was the technical support. The best I have seen in many years.

Ian D. Mead, IDM Computer Solutions, author of UltraEdit-32
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your SFTP product(SFTPDLL). Not only is it excellent, the service you have provided is outstanding and second to none! It works very well against many different servers and was easy to integrate into my product. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a good quality SFTP solution. Don't be fooled by the cost, it's value and quality far exceeds the price being charged.

Gilles Hache, Cisco Systems Inc.
Your component works really great. With minor effort I have been able to convert my delphi application from using normal telnet/ftp to using SSH and SFTP instead.

Kevin Smith, Lead Applications Developer at Remail.com
You guys are great! The packages I've worked with are excellently documented and easily implemented while the responsivness from customer support is amazing -- I've yet to see it take more than 20 minutes to get a question answered, either via email or the forum. If you ever need a reference just let me know!

Jason Sears, Systems Programmer at CompuSource Systems, Inc.
It is very refreshing to find such helpful, knowledgeable and quick responding technical support.

David Burke, Vice President of B&B Test Solutions, Inc
I had several questions and issues during those first two months all of which were resolved quickly with your tech support personnel. I was very impressed with how fast and how willing they were to answer my questions even though I had not purchased a license (which I made them aware of).... Let me tell you that I evaluated at least four other SSH components from your competitors and had various problems or concerns with each one. I evaluated the wodSSH.NET component last and new very quickly that this was the one for me. The component provides great flexibility and is very easy to use. Your samples were also extremely helpful.

Mike Webb, Director of Director of Hempsted IT Limited
I've now purchased and installed a licensed copy of wodAppUpdate and it's all working in my distributable VB6 app brilliantly. Thanks again for the excellent support you've given me over the last few days to get this to a working solution and I'm more than happy for you to quote me on that on your website.

Randy Greer, Network Manager at Heartland Technology Solutions
I did purchase the component after testing and it does work as advertised. I very much appreciate your support folks. I dealt mostly with Damba I believe. They answered all of my questions in short order and helped me get through a process I am mostly unfamiliar with. They are definitely first rate and deserve a pat-on the-back !! Since part of what I do every day is client support I am sensitive to that process and your guys pass with flying colors.

Stuart VanZee, Programmer / UNIX Admin at Dataline Systems, Inc.
I had to wade through a lot of poorly documented half finished software before I finally found wodSFTP and I am very happy to report that I found the wodSFTP documentation to be easy to read and easy to understand as well as being complete.

Markos Ramos, CEO at Progwhiz Inc.
We have been a happy customer for 4+ years using the WeOnlyDo developer objects for FTPS/POP/SMTP and most recently the VPN Object. Our latest project was to develop a robotics suite of products and one module, The Client/Server module uses the VPN capability of the WoDVPN and it performs flawlessly. Please see the application at: http://www.progwhiz.com/Networked_s.html

Martin Chovancik, Senior software developer at P&P Data Systems Inc.
I have never been as impressed with a component developer as I am with WeOnlyDo! software. Not only are the components powerful, flexible and easy to implement, the customer support is incredible! With other companies, it takes 3 days just to get a reply back saying "sorry, it doesn't do that". With WeOnlyDo! I got a reply in a few HOURS telling me that the new functionality has been implemented, with an updated control attached to the e-mail. After many days of frustration with the inflexibility of D(***) Software's P(****)TCP SSL Tool, I was very relieved to discover WeOnlyDo! and their FTPServer and FtpDlx controls. These controls implement secure FTP communications in a very intuitive way. All this combined with very reasonable pricing makes WeOnlyDo! a company I am very happy to recommend. Needless to say, we have switched from D(***) to WeOnlyDo!

Mike McPherson, Software developer at Nokia Inc.
Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment in producing well thought-out solutions. You had precisely the component I needed. It was very effective in meeting my needs, very well priced, and very easy to implement. Even when an older version of ssh.com's SSH server implementation was faulty, you came through by creating an on-the-fly workaround in your wodSFTP.NET component. WeOnlyDo is very committed to customer satisfaction! Thank You!!

James Newman, IT Supervisor at Castleberry Investments
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that several years later, we are still happy with your controls and have implemented them in just about every program we design. Our company has 3 offices and 40 remote sites and I use those controls in 5 of our inhouse programs.

Charles Chapman, Software developer at Texas Instruments
For my project requiring FTP and Telnet for .NET I spent quite a bit of time shopping around and comparing companies. I started trying your demos, and some of your competitor's demos. Not only were your prices far better, but tools were easy to implement, and tech support was very fast to respond and very thorough. At first I was leary of dealing with technical issues via email or through online chatting with tech support, but I was soon very satisfied by their quick response times and high level of knowledge. That's why we bought two of your products and they work great and they are easy to use. The tech support was extremely helpful even in areas that weren't really related to the product. Very well made products, and custom updates are not hard to come by. Thanks WOD!
Out of about 300 times I wrote to your tech support, average response time was about 5 minutes. I'd be behind in the project schedule if I had gone with 3 day turn arounds like at D(***).

Tomer Spivak, Software Engineer at Verint Systems Ltd
I have encountered a technical issue with wodSSH about a week ago. The initial response was extremely fast, I also had the pleasure of talking to one of your engineers even though it is not part of the service you provide. Most importantly in just 4 days I got a new official version of the product with new functionality that enabled me to go on with my work with almost no delays. I can only hope I will have the pleasure to work with other products by "We Only Do" in the future. Keep up the good work!

Christian Wheel, Radio personality at KBIG 104.3 radio
wodWebServer has been working beautifully. I used it to write a webserver that generates pages on the fly all in one process rather than using CGI scripts called by IIS. With IIS my cpu idled around 80% and with the component (and the caching I built into the app), I hardly see the CPU meter rise above 2 or 3%! It handles thousands of sent files a day (there is an average of 3000 pageviews daily and each page has 20 or more images), all this and I'm still running the app from the VB6 IDE, it's not even compiled!

James Sievers, Professional Services Engineer at Harbor Technologies
Just wanted to thank your staff for making a great product in wodSSH. We have recently completed a large 1200+ location project where reliable Telnet and SSH connectivity was required. wodSSH worked flawlessly and allowed our staff to complete our project ontime and within budget. The suite has now been fully integrated into our customized network operations center support tools to provide a robust SSH connectivity solution.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to future products from your organization!

Frank Kloskowski, Data IO Team Leader at GlobalCare Inc.
I can not tell you how much I appreciate you quick response to our issues and because of that I feel confident using and recommending your product. This has been, by far, the best experience I have ever had dealing with a support entity in my long career in the technical arena.

Jason Keogh, CTO and founder of iQuate
Your product is excellent, easy to implement and well thought out. We have looked at several components and found wodSSH.NET to be the best, and very reasonably priced. Beyond that, the customer service experience to date has been excellent. I highly recommend WeOnlyDo.com to anyone looking to purchase components, and you can quote me on that.

Tony Mott, A very satisfied customer
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your TelnetDLX control. I was put to the task of writing an application in VB.NET to automatically download and modify router and firewall configurations as well as execute certain commands on Linux boxes at certain times during the day. The project required SSH support and a GUI for user interaction when necessary. I spent many days searching for a product that had both but all of the SSH components I found were way to expensive and only one had a built in GUI with no Linux support...that is until I found this! Not only did it have everyhting I needed right out of the box but it was easy to use and the technical support is absolutly phenominal. I found a small glitch that would not allow it to work with Cisco's SSH implemintation and sent an e-mail to tech support hoping for an answer within a few days. To my amazement I had a response within 30 minutes. After working with Kresimir (who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable) he found the problem and fixed the component. I was able to finish my project within a few days. Needless to say, I purchased the control which is priced so that even the occasional programmer such as myself can afford it. I can't say enough about this product. I do know one thing, if ever I need to write an application that requires FTP, HTTP or Mail support I won't even bother to look for another control...I have complete confidence that yours will do the job. Thank you again!

Jack McGregor, President of Microsabio
I just wanted thank you for the excellent support you've given us on the FTP control. When buying a control like this, it is always a fear that we will run into some obscure problem which only occurs in our environment, and consequently not be able to get help from the developer. Sure enough, we did run into an obscure problem on an old AIX server, and you surpassed our highest expectations in the speed, sophistication, and persistence which you demonstrated in isolating and fixing it. It was probably the best product support I've ever experienced on the Internet.

Alex Poston, President of VocalEZ
These two components are excellent. I appreciate the excellent reliability and solid workmanship and my programmers have commented on how good the technical support has been when they needed it.

Ben Lewis, Waterson Consulting Ltd.
Fantastic product, your component has helped us tremendously on a daily basis giving us a simple interface to FTP and SFTP servers. The price was great and I am also impressed by the quality of service you have provided. Keep up the good work, we will be using WeOnlyDo again in the future!

Wolfgang Roth, Principal Consultant at Xuccess Consulting
Somewhat two years ago I bought wodSFTP from you. Then two or three times I've needed support, and you replayed quickly and interested! Therefor I bought wodSSH again from you! Thank you for good software und good support!

Don Fitzpatrick, president of InterNetworx Systems
...Thanks for the welcome back. Count us as a satisfied WeOnlyDo customer. We appreciate your terrific support to get the secure Telnet working properly.

William Ruf, Siemens Information and Communication Networks
The wodCrypt product is great and we appreciate your effort to add support for UNIX Crypt. I also am using your FileBlob to convert UNIX text files which only use a linefeed character for end of line, to the DOS CR-LF end of line.

Gregory Way, President of BlockAllSpam
I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the wodFTPServer ActiveX Component intended for production use in a high demand network environment and have been more than satisfied. Clearly WeOnlyDo provides extreme quality and they stand by their product with an awesome support staff. I would highly recommend them to any developer.

Jeff Hall, Software Developer at Occupational Health Research
The people at WeOnlyDo are amazing!! I discovered a limitation in the software while working on a project. Before leaving work, I sent an email to WeOnlyDo describing the issue. The next morning, I had a updated component in my inbox that solved the problem. That kind of turn-around is unheard of. I always get a super fast response from customer service, and the products are great too! Thanks WeOnlyDo!"

Zack Menendez, Senior Software Developer at Mapframe Corporation
You made it so simple for us to integrate SFTP - a technology we had little experience with - into one of our existing products that previously used FTP. All of this was with a minimum of effort as the DLL interface was written with such simplicity. No matter how robust code is or how many features it has, if the interface is too complex or confusing, it can be almost useless; with the SFTP interface you produced, everything was so simple to understand, we were able to start coding almost immediately!

Josh Conger, Senior Web Developer at Arrow Information Services
I wasted countless hours attempting to execute a command line SFTP client from an ASP page before finding the wodSFTP COM object. When I found it, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was exactly what I needed. Thank you for making this product. And your customer support is by far the best I've ever experienced! Thank you for your extremely quick responses!

James Newman, IT Supervisor at Castleberry Investments
Would like to say that your service has been phenomenal. It's always quick and you are there when I need you. Not something I can say about some of the companies I deal with. The products are just what we needed and just what we have been looking for. Keep up the great work!!

Bil Bragg, Senior Consultant at Dionach
Your .NET components allow us to blend .NET technology seamlessly with secure communication, and with excellent technical support. I wish you all the success in the future.

Steve Seligson, Senior Developer at Network Engineering
Your wodSSH.Net component was not working so I emailed your tech support. Their response was almost instantaneous and they ( Damba & Drazen ) continued to be responsive throughout the troubleshooting process. They got a developer on a remote session with us, actually admitted to a bug and fixed it immediately. I've been working with computers for 35 years and in that time I've never had the good fortune to receive the quality of support that I've received from your company. Thank you very much.

David Keenan, president of Serengeti Systems Incorporated
I was recently searching for both a SFTP and FTPS component to add secure FTP transfers to our scriptable FTP client. I couldn't find a single component until I came across wodFtpDlx. It was exactly what I needed, it works, and it was priced right. You have been great as far as offering support is concerned and has been extremely responsive to both support requests and suggestions for product enhancements. It's a great product and well supported. Strongly recommended.

Steven Jones, SABIEN project
... what I really like is that wodSSH and wodSFTP components work excellently and are constantly being improved. WeOnlyDo are obviously dedicated to making the controls as effective and reliable as possible. But the most impressive of all is your support and advice - which is first rate.
We're using them as a core of the Sabien Management system (currently in development).

Michael Barnett, Senior Software Engineer for Full Spectrum Telecommunications
May I say how nice it is to work with components so complete and self-explanatory that using them in my application is as instinctive as though I wrote them myself?

Sander Pool, Senior System Test Engineer at Rhapsody Networks, Inc.
I had been struggling to automate Telnet interaction with our test systems using plain Winsock when I found wodSSH. With WOD's excellent support I was able to bypass Winsock and focus on the task at hand. Using VB with WOD to automate my tests is much more productive than using Perl or TCL/Expect.
Congratulations on an excellent product and first rate support!

Michael Thomas, ClownRed Media
The reason I think your components are so good are these: you provide complex networking components which I can find nowhere else. Not only that you provide these components at very reasonable cost, if that isn't enough, your responsiveness to emailed technical questions is simply outstanding. I have never encountered a company that responds to emails so fast. At times, you have responded to my emails within minutes! I can thoroughly recommend you!

David Witten, owner of WWR Development, Inc.
I really like these products - they are consistently first rate!

Andrew Narracott, Sun Computer Consultancy
I've heard that you are amazing with your replies coming back so quickly - and now I've seen the speed in which you reply first hand. : )

Danny Haworth, Lead application developer of Assetdisk LTD
......I'm extremely impressed with the product by the way, it represents excellent value for money! ....... I also want to add that your "support is second to none".

Conrad Leigh, Technical Director of Leaf Wireless
Awsome, thanks man, great support ! .... Brilliant, even works on the mobile phone. Thanks a trillion for your help. I will let you know how the system turns out. Cheers.
We are having great success with your component, currently running both your components on an Internet based email server that has over 750 000 mailboxes back ended by a SQL server and it is performing very nicely.

Igor Lychagov, IMAGO
That's Cool !!!! You're right again..:) I have never used a activex or com controls, that is why there was a problem for me to add as ActiveX control as Com controls.. When I bought it, i was thinking that it is Delphi component not ActiveX.. i was searching all around and did't find anything...:) Now I know ... thank you VERY much.

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