How to order?

General questions

  • How many copies should I purchase?

    Licensing agreement is pretty clear about this: you need to purchase one copy of the component per developer on the project, no matter if he is using the component directly or not. In other words, for each programmer that needs to use our component in design mode, he must have his own license. After all, your entire project benefits from the component.

  • What programming language is the source code written in?

    Source code for all our ActiveX components is written in VC++, to be more precise VS2008. Some components require OpenSSL library which is included in the product as a static library.
    Source code for all our NET components is written in C#, in VS 2008.

    Please understand that even if you purchase the source code - you have no right to change it, or include in your project in some form other than binary component. If you desperately need to change it please contact general - at -

  • Do you also send out programs by postal mail?

    Yes, we can send you retail package (CD) to postal mail address you specify during the ordering process.

  • How long will it take until I receive my fully registered software? And how will I receive it?

    After your order is placed you will receive email from us. It will contain full registered version of the software, and the key which "unlocks" it. If you order online, you will also be able to download the software immediately. Otherwise, up to 24 hours after your payment has been received. For CD backup package please allow up to 14 days to be delivered.

Following payment methods are accepted

  • Buy online

    (and download the software immediately) through our payment service Avangate. Note that AVANGATE will appear on your credit card statement.

    The following credit cards are accepted for online ordering:
    Credit cards

    PayPal money transfer

  • Fax and Phone orders

    Proceed to checkout, select 'Credit Card' payment type, click on 'Next' button and order number that will be assigned to you). You will also get form you should use for sending final order. You should see final instructions on those forms. Please note that $3 manual processing fee is applied by our payment service.

  • Check and Cash Orders

    If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please send payment to below address. Please give us quotation number for your order (put items in the shopping cart, click on 'quote' link on the shopping cart page, and send us quotation number that was assigned to you).

    Secure Plus d.o.o.
    Sarvaska 12
    Osijek HR-31000

    IMPORTANT! Please make U.S. checks payable to "Secure Plus d.o.o."

  • Wire transfers

    Prepayment by bank wire transfer is accepted. Contact us by e-mail (to sales - at - with your quotation number and to confirm availability and your final price. To receive quotation number, put items in the shopping cart, click on 'quote' link on the shopping cart page, and send us quotation number that was assigned to you. We will send you our bank routing and accounts numbers. Orders are shipped when receipt of payment is confirmed by our bank.

  • Purchase orders cannot be accepted

    Unfortunately, we can not accept purchase orders directly. We will help you find a reseller who can accept your PO and place the order in our store on your behalf. Please contact with queries related to issuing a PO.