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Re: Telnet and Visual Foxpro (General questions)

by jtrogdon, Wednesday, January 10, 2007, 16:30 (4421 days ago) @ woddrazen

While we are waiting on that, I added this to the LoginPassword method:

IF Login = james .AND. password = james
Action = 1
Action = 0

This would at least allow me to get a DOS prompt as a test even though I had to login as james .

My second question: How do I redirect Visual Foxpro text and prompts to the telnet client and receive data back? I want to start to write a simple menu using the @SAYs and GETs from Visual Foxpro that basically displays text and prompts. The menu would look something like this:

1. Border Scanning
2. Bottom Scanning

Type Choice:

The telnet client would choose an option and then program would continue that would allow the telnet client to add, delete and modify records using prompts that would collect that information. I need to do this inside Visual Foxpro so I can have access to all the classes I need in order to write the records. Is this possible? Thanks for the help.

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