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Telnet and Visual Foxpro (wodSSHServer)

by jtrogdon, Wednesday, January 10, 2007, 15:16 (4304 days ago)

I'm evaluating the SSHServer ActiveX component in a project I'm working with Visual FoxPro. I want to be able to telnet to the server running under Visual Foxpro. At this time, I do not want any logins or authentication. I want the user to be able to telnet to the server's IP address and the server run the shell or another program I choose. This is all for a test and I know about the possible security problems.

I can telnet to the server and get the banner but after that the cursor is flashing and nothing else happens. I have set the Action to 1 in the LoginPassword method but I'm stuck at what I need to do next to get the telnet server to run the shell or another program. Any help in leading me in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.

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