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Re: Telnet and Visual Foxpro (General questions)

by jtrogdon, Thursday, January 11, 2007, 20:36 (4421 days ago) @ woddrazen


Your problem should be fixed.

Please download latest version from our site and let us know how it goes.


Yes, that fixed the problem but now the banner doesn't finish displaying before my menu displays. Here's what is looks like from the telnet screen:

This is demo version of WeOnlyDo! SSHD ActiveX component, for evaluation purpose
s only. You are not allowed to use this product in production environment.
PFI Barcode Scanning

1. Border Scanning
2. Bottom Scanning
3. Panel Scanning
4. Label Scanning
5. Build-Up Scanning
6. Print Report

Type Choice: wodSSHServer DEMO version

I'm using the User.Send() to send the text to the telnet client but I also need to know how to display prompts that wait for the user to type some data. I've never done this before with telnet so I may not understand all the ends and outs. Any suggestions you can give would greatly help. Thanks.

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