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Re: Which async methods trigger DONE ? (General questions)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Tuesday, June 06, 2006, 09:49 (6624 days ago) @ wodDrazen

Hi Drazen,

I've read the helpfile and disconnect immediately is exactly what i intend to do and my question is not answered in the helpfile. Sorry.

As i am not familiar with the smtp-protocol i was just asking what wodsmtp is doing from the moment on when i issue the disconnect call in terms of the dialog with the connected server.

Is wodSMTP

a.) just closing the connection ignoring any traffic just going on
b.) doing some final two-way-conversation with the connected server

In case b.) i have to know if there could be a scenario where the immediate disconnect can fail or be postponed for later by wodSMTP, because where are talking asyncron here which means if i am trying to release wodSMTP from memory directly after calling disconnect i am trashing memory and with it my app. So this general issue is very important and not just me being stubborn [:sad:]

Plain an simple: I cannot see any good reason why in non-blocking mode disconnect shoult not trigger the done effect. It's more coherent with non-blocking mode and simpler to programm with, because then DONE is always (!) triggered whenever wodSMTP is really done with anything it is doing with/to the outside world .

So could you please explain what wodSMTP is doing exactly when i call disconnect?

Thanks for being patient with me [:wink:]

Best regards

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