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Re: Which async methods trigger DONE ? (General questions)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Friday, June 02, 2006, 16:57 (6627 days ago) @ wodAlan

Hi Alan,

i totally agree with you as it works perfectly fine at the moment
(as my mailserver is fast and stable)...

I was simply afraid of killing an ocx right in the middle of something (by removing the form which instantiated the ocx initially from memory). VFP simply answers such a doing by crashing completely.

I just don't know what disconnecting actually mean.
Does it mean wodSMTP is telling the Server i am gone and that's it, or would wodSMTP waiting on somekind of answer from the MXserver to its wish to disconnect.

In the later case wodSMTP could take some time to disconnect and i cannot simply release the form directly after the call for .disconnect because there's a great risk of appcrash with this.

You see, if you are telling me it totally ok with wodSMTP to be release right after .disconnect is called, then it's perfectly fine with me, otherwise there is now way to know when .disconnect is actually done (without looping and waiting for .state=0).

Thanks for your patience with me [:smile:]

Best regards

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