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Re: Which async methods trigger DONE ? (General questions)

by wodAlan, Friday, June 02, 2006, 15:41 (6397 days ago) @ LOGO Datensysteme


Well....yes, I agree with this scenario, but look at this scenario:

1. Sending MSG
2. Message sent (Done Event fired)
3. Disconnect (Disconnected Event and Done Event)

In this case I think it has sense, but in your case what is actually DONE ?
I mean, is something DONE besides Disconnecting?
I think not, and in this case only Disconnected Event fired.
And what about Disconnected Event? In your case, do we even need it?
Every time when we disconnected from server we will fired Done Event and Disconnected Event, and in this case we don't need Disconnected Event, right?


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