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Re: Which async methods trigger DONE ? (General questions)

by LOGO Datensysteme, Friday, June 02, 2006, 14:13 (6397 days ago) @ wodAlan


well... The .done-Event (not the notified -method, but the original OCX-exposed .done-Event) does not trigger when i follow this scenario:

- large email with huge attachment (so have plenty of time to react)
- starting transmission with .sendmessage
- everything runs fine, .progress fires and sets my progressbar pretty nicely...
- Now User decides to kill the sending and abort -Button is clicked
- the clickcode of the cmdbutton calls wodsmtp.disconnect() to kill it
- wodSMTP quits transmitting, .state is reset to 0, everything is well

...but: The .done-event did not trigger.
I have a simple messagebox( i am done )-call in the ocx-exposed .done-event, so i can easily see if it is really triggered.
The .done event triggers correctly if i let the transmissing end on its own without interrupting.

*!* VFP8.0 SP1 -> .DONE event in an wodsmtp.ocx on a simpleform
LPARAMETERS errorcode, errortext

=MESSAGEBOX( I am done )

IF not(EMPTY(errortext))

You see there is nothing spectacular in the method... [:uhoh:]
...but a disconnect.done won't show up, as a sendmessage.done comes up pretty well.

It's not hurting me so much, but if the ocx is still active disconnecting and i am already starting to release the form (containing the ocx) VFP will sure smell desaster.

Best regards

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