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error I cant seem to fix (wodWebServer / wodWebServer.NET)

by pkcapital, Saturday, October 26, 2019, 19:57 (1700 days ago) @ wodSupport

We have approx 85 Server on this network and another 25 on another. Ive tried it on 12 servers now. From scratch and have the same issue on every one. Thats why I gave you access to server, source code, and your samples.

If there is something wrong with server, please let me know what it is so I can make the change. However, the server roll outs are standard windows load + service packs.

No IIS, no anything but updated .net framework.


Thanks for server info, but we will not connect there, at least not yet. I trust that you see the error, so I don't need to see it by myself also. I need a way to duplicate it, for me, known environment, so I can possibly install debugging tools.

From what I know, your server could have 100s of add-ons that could interfere with the internet traffic and stuff, and trying to figure out where the error comes from goes out of scope of protocol/component support. We may need to install source there for debugging too, and we can't do it on 3rd party systems.

I suggest you start from the scratch, your way - same as we do. Take clean Windows server, and try it there. Then build it up until you see it fails for you. Otherwise, I am not sure how we can help since we don't know where/how it's actually running.


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