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error I cant seem to fix (wodWebServer / wodWebServer.NET)

by pkcapital, Saturday, October 26, 2019, 17:42 (1669 days ago) @ wodSupport

I will pay whatever you need to help. Thank you.

Server: Server2008 R2 X64
Url to App:

Module Module1
    Dim WithEvents web1 As WeOnlyDo.Server.WebServer
    Sub Main()
    End Sub
    Private Sub initializewebserver()
        web1 = New WeOnlyDo.Server.WebServer

        web1.DocumentRoot = "c:\portal"
        web1.DefaultPage = "Default.aspx"
        web1.Port = 80
        web1.LicenseKey = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

    End Sub

#Region "Webserver Code"
    Private Sub web1_RequestDoneEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As WeOnlyDo.Server.WebRequestDoneArgs) Handles web1.RequestDoneEvent
        'All we need to do in order to process web page is following line...

        Args.User.ExecuteASPX("c:\portal", "/", "/", "web.config")

    End Sub

    Private Sub RequestHeadersDoneDelegate(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As WeOnlyDo.Server.WebRequestHeadersDoneArgs) Handles web1.RequestHeadersDoneEvent

    End Sub

#End Region
End Module


Ok, so let's fix it. But I can't duplicate the problem, so there's something obviously different on your setup than mine.

I installed clean Win2008 Server R2 x64, used our setup package downloadable from our website, and tried to run it there, got no issues.

What kind of setup do you have? How can I see the error for myself, in order to try to find the solution for your problem?


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