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error I cant seem to fix (wodWebServer / wodWebServer.NET)

by pkcapital, Sunday, October 20, 2019, 21:51 (1638 days ago) @ pkcapital

When calling

RequestHeadersDoneEvent is being fired before the error
RequestDoneEvent is not being Fired

The error is occurring somewhere between these event firings.

With no exception thrown.

No exception is thrown on RequestDoneEvent (Because its not being called)

I tried to log "Hello" right before .Execute.aspx, and when calling default document (just root site) it logs fine, but when calling the page itself, it does not log. Therefore, the RequestDoone Event is not being called. So... The error is happening Before the RequestDoneEvent is fired.

By using Try/Catches I have found that web1_RequestDoneEvent is not being called when the error happens(any page other than default)

Private Sub initializewebserver()
web1 = New WeOnlyDo.Server.WebServer

web1.DocumentRoot = "c:\test\portal"
web1.DefaultPage = "Default.aspx"
web1.Port = 8080
web1.LicenseKey = "*************"

End Sub

Private Sub web1_RequestDoneEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As WeOnlyDo.Server.WebRequestDoneArgs) Handles web1.RequestDoneEvent
'All we need to do in order to process web page is following line...
Args.User.ExecuteASPX("c:\test\portal", "/", "/", "web.config")

Catch ex As Exception
End Try

End Sub

Im running purely your examples at this point.


Can you please share your code? Did you put all of your code inside try..catch blocks so you catch the error by yourself?


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