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Can wodXMPP and wodVPN act together? (wodVPN)

by Fabio, Friday, September 01, 2017, 15:13 (2454 days ago) @ Fabio

Hello again!

Yesterday I was reading the wodVPN help file and found this information about the SendData method:

"You will not get notification when message is delivered. You can not know when exactly you can send new message, SendData isn't made for such "time sensitive" operations or for transferring large amount of data. Even SendData, in theory, can send any amount of data, your complete VPN will be frozen until message is delivered, so all forwarded ports will have to wait."

So now I do not think this solution will help. What I need is to allow users to transfer files between them (P2P), in a way they can send/receive any amout of data (specially videos) with a progress status. Security is also important. It is basically what we can do with Whatsapp or Skype chat when sending files, but what I think is to avoid using my XMPP server as a "bridge", so would be great if I can allow users to connect P2P. Please, do you have another solution that I can use? Or any other tip to archive my needs?



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