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Can wodXMPP and wodVPN act together? (wodVPN)

by Jasmine, Thursday, August 31, 2017, 20:06 (2455 days ago) @ Fabio

HI Fabio,

I checked your images now. Hmm. Things are a bit more complicated than 'compile and run the sample'. I see you tried to open \\5.x.x.x. Did both sides receive IP address of form 5.x.x.x? Who set it up? How? DHCP or static ones?

Go step by step. Make sure wodVPN connects with each other using our sample so you can send messages through it (not through wodXMPP). Just for a test. If message goes through, then VPN will go through as well, so let's make sure that channel is established between two wodVPN instances. You can use fixed password for tests and then change password creation algorithm later.

If it fails - make sure you tell me exactly what fails, because simple "It does not work" can't help me investigate the problem. If you get the error - tell me which error it is.


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