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Can wodXMPP and wodVPN act together? (wodVPN)

by Fabio, Thursday, August 31, 2017, 20:24 (2422 days ago) @ Jasmine

Hi Jasmine,

Did both sides receive IP address of form 5.x.x.x? Who set it up? How? DHCP or static ones?

The IP 5.x.x.x was automatically set by Wippien in both installations (VM). I also tried changing with my network (LAN) IP and Internet (WAN) IP, none of them worked.

I am making tests in a "home" network, with an simple ADSL router. I do not think it have a firewall, but I will check.

I will also make tests with the compiled demo and let you know the results.

Thank you! I already like your support! :)



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