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Can wodXMPP and wodVPN act together? (wodVPN)

by Jasmine, Thursday, August 31, 2017, 18:27 (2519 days ago) @ Fabio

Hi Fabio,

Wippien we created long time ago does just that - it uses wodXMPP for chat, and when user wants to establish VPN, then wodXMPP under the hood exchanges exchange data that digests to password, and then initiates wodVPN to establish connection between peers.

So, answer would be yes, you can use wodXMPP for that.

I suggest you create some common prefix (such as VPNINIT) that you prepend to messages that is used for VPN. When one side sends such message, other wodXMPP receives is and doesn't show it to the user (since it starts with VPNINIT), but rather takes new wodVPN instance and sends VPNINIT message back. Then both sides initiate wodVPN and call Start, Connect, etc.. from it.

So, algorithm depends on you how to implement it. I suggest you don't share password through wodXMPP (even server is yours), but rather use some exchange method (such as Diffie-Hellman) to create secret password known only to two wodXMPP sides.

Kind regards,

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