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StreamBlob Object

Class for storing data in streams.

FromArrayImports the contents of a byte array into the Blob.
FromBase64Imports base64 encoded data into the Blob.
FromFileImports contents into the Blob from a file.
FromHexImports hex encoded data into the Blob.
ToArrayReturns content of the Blob in a byte array.
ToBase64Returns content of the Blob base64 encoded.
ToFileDumps the contents of the Blob into a file.
ToHexReturns content of the blob hex encoded.
ToIntReturns content of the blob in integer format.
Text Holds the text contents of the Blob.
StreamHolds reference to stream.


The StreamBlob object stores any type and size of data in underlying object that exposes IStream interface. This can be anything that provides IStream interface and is implemented by your application. You could, for example, create such IStream using CreateStreamOnHGlobal API, or receive it from Windows itself. You can easily export/import contents of the StreamBlob using below methods. Besides having the above properties and methods, StreamBlob can also be referenced through its Blob interface. For the Blob interface specification, please look here.