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SignEXE method

Creates digital signature of the executable




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object.SignEXE Data, OutBlob, TimestampURL, Description, URL
The SignEXE(object,Data,OutBlob,TimestampURL,Description,URL) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodCrypt.
DataRequired. A Blob object. Contains data to be signed.
OutBlobRequired. A Blob object. Contains blob where signed file will be saved.
TimestampURLOptional. A Variant value. Holds URL to timestamp service.
Description Optional. A Variant value. Holds custom description of signed file.
URLOptional. A Variant value. Holds URL that is related to signed file.


The SignEXE method can be used to sign executables using Microsoft Authenticode Technology. This technology identifies the publisher of signed software and verifies that it hasn't been tampered with. wodCrypt can easily produce those signatures, assuming you have code signing digital certificate.

You should provide TimestampURL during digital signature to have your signature signed for specific date. This is actually important step - without it someone could sign data with expired certificates. There are two URLs you can choose from: and .

You can provide Description and URL that are sometimes shown by the Windows OS based on actions user is making with your executable.

You can check signature using VerifyEXE method.

Code sample

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