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Sign method

Signs the contents of the Blob.




  • Basic
object.Sign Data, OutBlob
The Sign(object,Data,OutBlob) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodCrypt.
DataRequired. A Blob object. Contains data to be signed.
OutBlobRequired. A Blob object. Holds fixed-size data as the signature.


The Sign method will use one of these algorithms (RSA or DSA) with MD5 digest, and apply it to the input Blob. As a result, a fixed length signature will be created. To create a signature, you must have a private key set in the SecretKey property. If you wish to use SHA1 digest instead of MD5, you should use RSA+SHA1 or DSA+SHA1 constants.

You can pass such signatures, together with the public part of your key, to other parties, which can then use the Verify method to determine if the signature matches the key - proving that you are really the person that signed the data - in other words, the data originates from you.

Code sample

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