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Blob Object

Abstract class for data storage.

ReadReads data from the Blob into the memory.
SeekSets the read/write pointer to a specified location.
SetSizeSets the size of the Blob.
WriteWrites data to the Blob.


This is an internal object - YOU SHOULD NOT USE IT DIRECTLY, unless you are 100% sure of what you're doing. Use FileBlob, MemBlob or StreamBlob instead!

Blob is an abstract definition for the wodCrypt data storage object. It cannot be initialized directly - you should use MemBlob (A Blob that holds data in memory), FileBlob (A Blob that holds data in files) or StreamBlob (A Blob that holds data in IStream interface implementation) instead. You can even create your own Blob objects for data storage - it is sufficient to add this line to the topmost declaration space in your VB program :
   Implements IBlob

and then define its 4 methods and you're ready to go!