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Padding property

Determines padding data for short blocks.


A CryptoPadding enumeration. Determines the type of padding to use when doing encryption.


  • Basic
object.Padding [= value]
The Padding(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodCrypt.
valueA CryptoPadding enumeration, as described in settings.


Constant Value Description
PadNull 0 Blocks are filled with zeroes (NULL)
PadSpace 1 Blocks are filled with blanks
PadRandom 2 Blocks are filled with random data
PadPKCS7 3 Blocked are filled as defined by PKCS7

The Padding property determines how wodCrypt will add padding to unaligned plaintext blocks. It is used when the input (plaintext) blocks are not the correct size (i.e. are not a multiple of the BlockSize property value) needed for the encryption operation.

Based on your value in this property wodCrypt can just put Null values on unused data places, fill them with spaces, add random data, etc..