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ReadOnly property (FileBlob)

Determines if the file is opened in Read-only mode.


A Boolean value. When set to True, FileBlob cannot be written to.


  • Basic
object.ReadOnly [= value]
The ReadOnly(object,value) syntax has these parts:
object An expression evaluating to an object of type FileBlob
valueA Boolean value.


ReadOnly is a property you can set in order to force FileBlob to open a file in read-only mode. Once opened in read-only mode, any attempt to write data to FileBlob will result in an error, whether you attempt to write by setting the Text property, or the write is attempted internally by wodCrypt.

wodCrypt can also set the ReadOnly property internally. For example, if you try to open a file that is protected (marked as hidden, read-only, or on CD medium) it will open it in any way it can - and most probably this will be in read-only mode, so the ReadOnly property will be set to True accordingly.