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FileBlob Object

Class for storing data in files.

FromArrayImports the contents of a byte array into the Blob.
FromBase64Imports base64 encoded data into the Blob.
FromHexImports hex encoded data into the Blob.
FromStreamImports contents into the blob from the IStream.
ToArrayReturns the contents of the Blob into a byte array.
ToBase64Returns the contents of the Blob in a base64 encoded string.
ToHexReturns the contents of the Blob in a hex encoded string.
ToIntReturns content of the blob as long integer value.
ToStream Dumps contents of the blob to an IStream.
AutoDeleteDetermines if the file will be deleted when the object is destroyed.
EndPosDetermines end position of the FileBlob.
FilenameHolds the filename.
ReadOnlyDetermines if the file is opened in Read-only mode.
StartPosDetermines start position of the FileBlob.
TextHolds the text contents of the Blob.


The FileBlob object stores any type and size of data into the file of your choice (through the Filename property).

You should use FileBlob when you have large amounts of data to be encrypted/decrypted. The definition of 'large amounts' depends on your application - it can even be a few hundred megabytes. wodCrypt will never load the full file at once - it will read/write to it as needed, using smaller chunks.

In addition to the following properties and methods, a FileBlob can be also referenced through its Blob interface. For the Blob interface specification, please look here.