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Re: SMTP Relay quetions (General questions)

by bkv, Thursday, June 09, 2011, 10:42 (4795 days ago) @ bkv

The question is about right behaviour.
How it has to be?

1) Relay is not allowed
- I have to deny sending message if even one of the addresses not belongs to my SMTP? But in this case my users also will not get this message.
So I have to deny messages which are send not only to me?

2) Relay allowed.
- I detected what addresses belongs to my SMTP, save message to user mailboxes, than I have to relay it. But what I have to do with my addresses in relayed message to don`t get that message again. I have to somehow to remove it from MailTO?
What step by step action have to be in this case?


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