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SMTP Relay quetions (wodSmtpServer / wodPop3Server / wodImapServer)

by bkv, Thursday, June 09, 2011, 08:46 (4795 days ago)

Could you pls clarify how the SMTP relay has to work.

My SMTP server fires several MailTo events (client sends RCPT TO command more than once).
What I have to do if some addresses belong to my server and some not,
in situation when relay is allowed and not allowed.
1) Relay is not allowed
- I have to deny sending message if even one of the addresses not belongs to my SMTP? But in this case my users also will not get this message.
2) Relay allowed.
- I detected what addresses belongs to my SMTP, save message to user mailboxes, than I have to relay it. But what I have to do with my addresses in relayed message to don`t get that message again. I have to somehow to remove it from MailTO?

Thanks in advanced.

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