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Re: Syncing local and remote database (General questions)

by Ketan, Sunday, April 09, 2006, 09:16 (4699 days ago) @ wodAlan

I am using SSHServer and SSHTunnel from wods.

The server sample that I am using is:

C:Program FilesWeOnlyDo.ComSSHServerSamplesVBActiveX1. Basic

The only change I made was I remarked out:

Private Sub wodSSHD1_ServiceStart(...

' User.Disconnect ' this isn't really very nice from us
End Sub

Regarding being able to connect into our network, I have to ask few folks and this could happen beginning next week. In the event they approve of it, how should i provide you with the hostname?

Could you recommend any other suggestions that could help in resolving this issue? I am on a tight schedule and if this prototype works, I would like to proceed with ordering this components.



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