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Re: Syncing local and remote database (General questions)

by wodDrazen, Friday, April 07, 2006, 21:38 (4487 days ago) @ Ketan

Hi Ketan,

There is a problem that wodSSHTunnel and your DB connection runs in the same thread. Since your DB blocks the thread while trying to connect, wodSSHTunnel cannot process windows messages (and socket-related messages) and everything hangs.

You can choose one of this four choices:
1. Setting Threading = True
2. Moving any of these 2 components in separate thread (DB if possible)
3. Setting DB to work in non-blocking (async) mode
4. Using wodSSHTunnel.EXE

Using wodSSHTunnel.EXEX it's same as COM object (just lives in separate process space).
You should also add reference to it (in VB6), initialize using 'new' keyword, and work just as it would be COM object.

Hope I helped.


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