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Re: Syncing local and remote database (General questions)

by woddrazen, Friday, April 07, 2006, 22:38 (4487 days ago) @ Ketan


This implementation that you ask would work you can connect to your server and use Add Method under Connected Event here is example how you should do it after you connect:

Private Sub ssh_1_Connected()

SSH_1.Channels.Add LocalListen, ,3000, your_server_address_or_address_where_server_bind , 3000

End Sub

When type = LocalListen then 'port forwarding' is initiated between wodSSHTunnel and the SSH server. (wodSSHTunnel listens to local sockets and forwards requests to the SSH server) so wodSSHTunnel listens on this port and accepts new connections.

More help you can find here:

You can also try first sample in category VB under Samples Folder which is part of SSHTunnel folder.

Hope I helped.


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