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Re: Garbage at the end of file (General questions)

by dandraka, Monday, February 14, 2005, 15:57 (5705 days ago) @ wodSupport

Thank you for your quick reply !

It would be Ok if I got the right data plus some garbage. For example, the following would be perfectly acceptable:


Somedata=1234 $&^ $^

The problem is that I get something like:

Somedata= $&^ $^

As I understand from your reply, if the before-encryption-data do not align with the 8-byte buffer, then the last 8 bytes I get from the decryption are garbage. Is that correct ? Would it make any difference if I knew what the old software is padding the buffer with ?

Thank you for your time,

Dimitris Andrakakis
inATES Development Team
ECDL Hellas S.A.

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