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Garbage at the end of file (wodCrypt)

by dandraka, Monday, February 14, 2005, 14:12 (5705 days ago)

Hi all,

I'm evaluating the Crypt component for my company. We currently
have a piece of software (which is old, we don't have any source
etc etc --don't you just love these situations ?) that
produces a file.

This file is Blowfish-encrypted, and we have the key.

I have tried the wodCrypt component to decrypt it. It works, BUT
at the end of file, I get:


The very last line should be:


Please note that the file is about 2KB, and everything else is
decrypted OK. The problem is just the last line.

For the test, I used the Delphi sample, right out of the
installation. I have made only one modification: In Button2Click instead of

inblob.text := memo2.text;

I have:


Maybe this has anything to do with EOF ? Is there a workaround ?

Thanks for your time,

Dimitris Andrakakis
inATES Development Team
ECDL Hellas S.A.

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